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On what basis UE rejects the RRC connection reconfiguration?

+4 votes
On what basis UE rejects the RRC connection reconfiguration?
posted Feb 11, 2015 by anonymous

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2 Answers

+2 votes

-if the UE is unable to comply with (part of) the configuration included in the RRCConnectionReconfiguration message:
-if security has not been activated:

NOTE 1: The UE may apply above failure handling also in case the RRCConnectionReconfiguration message causes a protocol error for which the generic error handling as defined in 5.7 specifies that the UE shall ignore the message.
NOTE 2: If the UE is unable to comply with part of the configuration, it does not apply any part of the configuration, i.e. there is no partial success/ failure.

Ref : 331> Reconfiguration failure

answer Apr 16, 2018 by Umang Doshi
+1 vote

If UE not able to attach with tenb i.e RACH procedure fails and UE not able to comply with configuration given by Senb

answer Feb 11, 2015 by Gnanendra Reddy
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