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What happens if eNB didnt receive rrc connection reconfiguration complete message from UE?

+2 votes
What happens if eNB didnt receive rrc connection reconfiguration complete message from UE?
posted Jan 29, 2015 by Gnanendra Reddy

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Ideally should resend (few times after the timer expiry) should be treated as failed after certain retry. Please check the specs for the timer name and recommended value.
will eNB send rrc connection reestablishment message?
Should be sent few times before declaring failure.

2 Answers

+1 vote

As per my understanding of specifications, UE runs a timer "T304" when it receives RRC connection reconfiguration (due to mobility). At expiry of timer, UE starts RRC Re-establishment procedure. But in other cases while establishing/modifying/releasing bearer(s) I am not sure that is there any re-transmission of rrc connection reconfiguration happens or not.

answer Jan 29, 2015 by Vikram Singh
0 votes

there is internal timer at eNB side, Reconfiguration complete timeout.
In case of eNB not receiving response(Reconfiguration Complete) within the timer, It will detect Radio link fail for that UE and inform the same to upper layers to start another timer regarding releasing UE contexts.

Also T304 mentioned in above comment is monitored by UE not eNB, after completion of T304 timer, UE it self declares RLF and starts reestablishment procedure.

answer Apr 16 by Umang Doshi
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During attach procedure, UE sends "Attach Request" along with "RRC Connection Setup Complete", eNodeB sends "Attach Accept" along with "RRC Connection Reconfiguration then why UE does not send "Attach Complete" along with "RRC Connection Reconfiguration Complete" message ? What could be the reason for defining the messages so ?

+3 votes

There are couple of procedures are defined which consist of NAS as well as RRC signalling messages exchange.
Some of the NAS message sends to an UE through RRC Connection Reconfiguration message as piggybacked and some as DL Info transfer.

I want to know, Is there any procedure exists in lte when an UE receives RRC Connection Reconfiguration along with NAS message and responds back to network with NAS message first and then Reconfiguration Complete to eNodeB.

Usually, I saw UE sends RRC Connection Reconfiguration Complete message first then NAS response message.

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