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Informatica Connector

0 votes

Is it Possible to write a Streaming API Connector and publish in Informatica? If Possible can use it to trigger any WorkFlow in Informatica. Please add Code Snippets if Possible. Thanks in Advance.

posted Jan 6, 2015 by Amit Sharma

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1 Answer

0 votes

If you want to trigger PowerCenter workflows from other applications, you can call the Informatica web serice.

answer Jan 9, 2015 by Shweta Singh
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I have a problem in INFA where the metadata definitions from source/target tables gets out of sync with the actual definition in the underlying database. I'm working with SFDC connector in INFA, and the SFDC object is changed my integration fails. Is it possible to script to update my source/target table metadata before processing?

0 votes

Sql case statement is selecting the records but not returning the conditions in informatica

ex. Select *,case if emp_de = 'M' and leave is not null then 'Yes',when if emp_de = 'M' and leave is null then 'No' As 'Remark' end from EMP table where emp_Sal <2000.
the query is working fine in the informatica but the condition Yes or No not updating in the Remark port.

0 votes

My source data is :

ID TimingID Timingtype
1 100 supplier
1 102 dealer
1 103 dealer
2 200 xyz
2 205 abc

I want my target to be like this :
ID T1_TimingID T1_Timingtype T2_TimingID T2_Timingtype T3_TimingID T23_Timingtype
1 100 supplier 102 dealer 103 dealer
2 200 xyz 205 abc null null

Kindly suggest.

Sandeep Nanda

0 votes

I am having a zipped folder containing several text files within it. I want to unzip this folder using informatica and use text files within it.
I have created a mapping with dummy input flat file source and target.
In the workflow, I have taken
Source Input type - Command
Command type- Command generating data
Command- unzip -d {targetpath}

Now what to set for target session properties? Do we have to set output type as file or command here?
When i am setting it as output type as file and executing the workflow, I am getting an error as

The shell command failed with exit code 1.

Standard output and error:
'unzip' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.