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Converting multiple rows to multiple columns in in informatica

0 votes

My source data is :

ID TimingID Timingtype
1 100 supplier
1 102 dealer
1 103 dealer
2 200 xyz
2 205 abc

I want my target to be like this :
ID T1_TimingID T1_Timingtype T2_TimingID T2_Timingtype T3_TimingID T23_Timingtype
1 100 supplier 102 dealer 103 dealer
2 200 xyz 205 abc null null

Kindly suggest.

Sandeep Nanda

posted Oct 18, 2017 by anonymous

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I have a scenario wherein the data is present in just single row. with multiple columns. The number of columns may extend if new record is inserted.

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how to convert single to multiple columns, please any body know this answer please tell me, if you have video send me please

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