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How to unzip a zipped folder using informatica?

0 votes

I am having a zipped folder containing several text files within it. I want to unzip this folder using informatica and use text files within it.
I have created a mapping with dummy input flat file source and target.
In the workflow, I have taken
Source Input type - Command
Command type- Command generating data
Command- unzip -d {targetpath}

Now what to set for target session properties? Do we have to set output type as file or command here?
When i am setting it as output type as file and executing the workflow, I am getting an error as

The shell command failed with exit code 1.

Standard output and error:
'unzip' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

posted May 23, 2017 by anonymous

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I have employee's leaves related data and payment related information. e.g. Employee E1 has taken maternity leave this year. She needs to paid for 6 months and if she is on leave for greater duration (like 8 months) , I need to create two records for her.

One for the allowed duration and the other for extended duration.

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e1        1Jan2013        30June2013     ML
e1        1July 2013      31Aug2013      Extended ML

How can create the second record dynamically in informatica mapping?

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I have developed an Informatica PowerDesigner 9.1 ETL Job which uses lookup and an update transform to detect if the target table has the the incoming rows from the source or not. I have set for the Update transform a condition

IIF(ISNULL(target_table_surrogate_id), DD_INSERT, DD_REJECT)

Now, when the incoming row is already in the target table, the row is rejected. Informatica writes these rejected rows into a .bad file. How to prevent this? Is there a way to determine that the rejected rows are not written into a .bad file? Or should I use e.g. a router insted of an update transform to determine if the row is insert row an then discard the other rows?

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