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How to explain 4G-LTE to a common man?

+3 votes

Today someone asked me what is 4G-LTE and he was not from telecom background so faced too much difficulty to explain. Now I thought this would be a good question to experts who can say how to explain 4G-LTE to a common man.

posted Nov 13, 2014 by anonymous

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2 Answers

+2 votes

The level of difficulty one may face while explaining this to a man who is not from Telecom background depends on his awareness that he already has about current Wireless technologies.
And really you cannot help him much with explanation on this as most of it would be obviously quite technical.

Still one may explain in terms of below mentioned points :-

1) Like data-speed specially in Downlink i.e. in terms of download speed that a common man deals with.In terms of Bandwidth etc.
2) So many always-on applications that people are using on various smartphones. i.e. something related to increasing data usage/traffic etc....
3) Latest high level services being offered to end user like IPTV,live video streaming,true HD & 3D streaming etc..

i.e. focusing on why LTE is required , how such high bandwidth requiring services are feasible etc......

Keep thinking and one may get some points that make sense to a non-technical man.

Thanks !!

answer Nov 16, 2014 by anonymous
0 votes

Simple, the image or video download in whatsup will take lesser time

answer Dec 15, 2014 by anonymous
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