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Why Autonomous gap is used by UE in LTE?

+4 votes
Why Autonomous gap is used by UE in LTE?
posted Oct 11, 2014 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+2 votes

Autonomous GAP periods are periods where the UE will pause/stop the Tx/Rx of the serving Cell to perform measurements or read MIB/SIB of the neighboring Cell. If Autonomous Gaps are not configured then UE will use IDLE periods .

answer Oct 11, 2014 by Saurabh Srivastava
The way ENB configures the Measurement gaps (gp0 & gp1) to UE, is there a way to configure the Autonomous gaps to UE using the RRC signaling?
ENB need to not configure an autonomous gap explicitly.  ENB can make out from UE capability whether autonomous GAP is supported or not.
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I read the answer given by Hiteshwar on si-RequestForHO-r9 with autonomous gaps

One question arose in my mind. You said additional information. May i know which is that info for which you are directing to?

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I came to know when an UE attach to network, it is configured for events A1 and A2 by default as part of normal attach. Is it correct ? if yes then why ?

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When does eNodeB comes to know that UE wants to do an IRAT handover in the live network?
Or, eNodeB always sends the measurement gap config info in the RRC connection reconfiguration message which has the measconfig IE?

Without knowing the measurement gap configuration, how does the UE perform inter frequency measurements?
Is it something like, the NodeB sends the meas gap config info to UE after succesful attach?Because UE needs to measure other frequency cells both during idle mode and connected mode.
Please clarify.

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