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What is that additional information secondary cell can ask from UE while using autonomous gaps?

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I read the answer given by Hiteshwar on si-RequestForHO-r9 with autonomous gaps

One question arose in my mind. You said additional information. May i know which is that info for which you are directing to?

posted May 21, 2014 by Prithvi

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1 Answer

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Yes for sure. Will you an instance explained
Upon receiving the measurement report, the serving cell should check if the target cell indicated in the measurement report is a CSG cell by referring to the PCI.

If the measurement report was triggered by a non-CSG cell, the target is identified uniquely by the PCI of the target cell and the serving cell requests handover preparation to the non-CSG cell.

However if the measurement report is toward a CSG cell, before triggering handover, the serving cell should be aware of more information on the CSG cell, which is not available at this phase in the serving cell, due to
1. PCI confusion
2. preliminary access control

To resolve PCI confusion and to enable preliminary access control the source cell can request for the UE to provide additional information on a certain CSG cell. The request for CSG related information is sent by measurement configuration including si-RequestForHO in the reporitng configuration of the concerned target RAT.

The additional information can be:

CSG Identity: identifies the closed subscriber group.

CSG member status: The CSG member status indicates whether the UE is a member of the CSG or not.

Target cell identification information (CGI-Info): the information includes the Global cell identifier and the tracking area code which are used by the source cell to identify the target CSG cell correctly and to prepare handover to the target CSG cell.

answer May 22, 2014 by Hiteshwar Thakur