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When does eNodeB send measurement gap configuration for the first time to a UE in live network?

0 votes

When does eNodeB comes to know that UE wants to do an IRAT handover in the live network?
Or, eNodeB always sends the measurement gap config info in the RRC connection reconfiguration message which has the measconfig IE?

Without knowing the measurement gap configuration, how does the UE perform inter frequency measurements?
Is it something like, the NodeB sends the meas gap config info to UE after succesful attach?Because UE needs to measure other frequency cells both during idle mode and connected mode.
Please clarify.

posted Sep 11, 2014 by anonymous

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2 Answers

0 votes

Hope I have understood your question correctly

Part 1: How to collect Measurements?
• Each Measurement Type will define on one or several Measurement Object(s) (Carrier Frequency).
• Reporting Configurations are defined on each Measurement Object (i.e. criteria like Event triggered, periodic or event triggered periodic reporting).
• Measurement quantities and Reporting Configurations are considered separately for each Measurement Type.
• Measurement Object and Measurement Configurations are related with the help of Measurement id.
• eNB configures each Measurement Type using a Measurement Identity and instructs the UE when to report the measurements results.
• Measurement commands are used by eNB to order the UE to start, modify or stop measurements specified by RRC as in UTRAN Measurement_Control.What UE measures?
• After instructions from eNB; UE measures two parameters on reference signal: cell RSSI & CPICH RSCP or CPICH En/lo.
• The handover measurement report triggering are based on cell RSSI & CPICH RSCP in GSM or CPICH Ec/Io for UMTS for inter-RAT.
• Serving Cell’s RSRP is degrading threshold 1, while neighbor cell RSSI or CPICH RSCP or CPICH En/lo increasing threshold 2 will trigger the event.

Call Flow of Inter Rat Handover
Inter Rat Handover

Now coming to specifics though measConfig is a optional IE but it is important to tell UE when/how measurement config to be done if operator is supporting it. Please comment if you are looking something different.

answer Sep 11, 2014 by Salil Agrawal
0 votes

As per my understanding When UE will send the measurement report then on the basic of that eNB configures measurement GAP on UE that it need to measure inter RAT freq. But my question of confusion is always is if UE will not send measurent report eNB will not configure measurement GAP but until UE doesn't have measurement GAP how it can measure and send reports??

answer Apr 19, 2016 by Chotu Vats
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+2 votes

Is their any triggering point ENB has to send Measurement consfiguration to UE.

Generally measurement configuration will come in RRC Reconfiguration message.At intall attach procedure ENB will send RRC Connection Reconfiguration message to send SRB2 and DRB configuration.

So,My question what is the triggering point to send Measurement configuration.

+2 votes

According to 3Gpp spec 36.331 for EUTRA , in RRC measurement configuration if purpose set to REPORTCGI, then T321 timer will be set to 1 sec.

If this is the case then where UE will use this Drx configuration? Please can any one explain me this...

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Suppose i want to Intra frequency measurement .

ENB1 - Freq - 1000 (PCI - 2)
ENB2 - Freq - 1000 (PCI - 5)

So how can i configure the Measurement config ???

+4 votes

I have gone through the measurement config/ report messages.I found that in meas report UE can send PCI, RSRP, RSRQ, CGI report at a time.

Will UE will send CGI report also at the same time or UE will send only when ENB request UE for the ECGI with the Report ECGI by giving pci ?

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