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LTE : How does measurement configuration work ?

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LTE : How does measurement configuration work ?
posted Aug 17, 2014 by Harshita

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2 Answers

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An UE can be requested to perform measurement by mean of dedicated signalling.
E-UTRAN prepares measurement configuration and sent to UE by using RRC Connection Reconfiguration message.

Once UE receives RRC connection reconfiguration message, based on the measurement configuration it starts measurement. There are various information elements which sends to UE to perform measurement.

  1. Measurement objects,
  2. Reporting configurations
  3. Measurement Identities
  4. Quantity Configurations
  5. Measurement GAPs
answer Aug 18, 2014 by Rupam
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Suppose both periodic and event based measurement is defined at eNB and it is defined for intra, inter freq and for IRAT.

Measurement configuration will be send to UE by RRCReconfiguration message. eNB configures the measurement to on the basis of UE capabilities. On the basis of UE capabilities eNB is able decide what are the measurement can be configured to that UE. Suppose if UE does not support a particular band and eNB has defined measurement configuration for that band then eNB should not send the measurement configuration of that band measurement for the UE. So only the UE supported measurement configuration will be send to UE. In case wrongly eNB sends not supported measurement configuration to UE then UE will not send rrcreconfiguration complete message to eNB.

answer Oct 12, 2014 by Veer Pal Singh Yadav
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When does eNodeB comes to know that UE wants to do an IRAT handover in the live network?
Or, eNodeB always sends the measurement gap config info in the RRC connection reconfiguration message which has the measconfig IE?

Without knowing the measurement gap configuration, how does the UE perform inter frequency measurements?
Is it something like, the NodeB sends the meas gap config info to UE after succesful attach?Because UE needs to measure other frequency cells both during idle mode and connected mode.
Please clarify.

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Measurement configuration in LTE -

While measurement configuration is being configured by enodeB to UE in RRC connection reconfiguration message I came across a message configured like :

measObjectToAddModList {
          measObjectId 1,
          measObject measObjectEUTRA : {
            carrierFreq 2250,
            allowedMeasBandwidth mbw100,
            presenceAntennaPort1 TRUE,
            neighCellConfig '00'B,
            offsetFreq dB0

reportConfigId 2,
          reportConfig reportConfigEUTRA : {
            triggerType event : {
              eventId eventA5 : {
                a5-Threshold1 threshold-RSRP : 30,
                a5-Threshold2 threshold-RSRP : 31
              hysteresis 2,
              timeToTrigger ms320
            triggerQuantity rsrp,
            reportQuantity sameAsTriggerQuantity,
            maxReportCells 8,
            reportInterval ms240,
            reportAmount infinity

measIdToAddModList {
          measId 2,
          measObjectId 1,
          reportConfigId 2

Now my question is - in measureobjectID there is a carrier frequency of 2250 which UE has to measure , now is this carrier frequency is of the serving cell or the neighbor if we consider that UE is reporting measID=2 because as per the A5 event which is the reportconfigID=2 UE has to report both the primary and neighbor...

+2 votes

in 3G Measurement Control msg == RrcConnectionReconfiguration msg in LTE
In 3G & lte ... Measurement Report
In 3G SIB11/12 for measurement control configuration == in LTE Which SIB ?