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In 3G Measurement Control Configuration Info is sent in Sib11/12. In which SIB this info is sent in LTE?

+2 votes

in 3G Measurement Control msg == RrcConnectionReconfiguration msg in LTE
In 3G & lte ... Measurement Report
In 3G SIB11/12 for measurement control configuration == in LTE Which SIB ?

posted Apr 10, 2015 by Hemanth

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Similar Questions
+7 votes

In specification, I have read two points.
- For inter-RAT UTRA measurements a measurement object is a set of cells on a single UTRA carrier frequency.
- For inter-RAT GERAN measurements a measurement object is a set of GERAN carrier frequencies.

I have concern regarding that why measurement object for E-UTRA works only for a single carrier frequency . whereas for GERAN is as set of carrier frequency.

+3 votes

When UE is powered on, it first scans for all supported RF channels. And then list the channels whose RSSI is greater than a set threshold. For all cells satisfying this criteria, the PSS, SSS detection-> PCFICH -> MIB detection is done.
I would like to understand the term "preferred Rat" to camp on to a cell. How/when does the UE gets this information? Is this a stored info from USIM .. or from somewhere else?

+2 votes

Measurement configuration in LTE -

While measurement configuration is being configured by enodeB to UE in RRC connection reconfiguration message I came across a message configured like :

measObjectToAddModList {
          measObjectId 1,
          measObject measObjectEUTRA : {
            carrierFreq 2250,
            allowedMeasBandwidth mbw100,
            presenceAntennaPort1 TRUE,
            neighCellConfig '00'B,
            offsetFreq dB0

reportConfigId 2,
          reportConfig reportConfigEUTRA : {
            triggerType event : {
              eventId eventA5 : {
                a5-Threshold1 threshold-RSRP : 30,
                a5-Threshold2 threshold-RSRP : 31
              hysteresis 2,
              timeToTrigger ms320
            triggerQuantity rsrp,
            reportQuantity sameAsTriggerQuantity,
            maxReportCells 8,
            reportInterval ms240,
            reportAmount infinity

measIdToAddModList {
          measId 2,
          measObjectId 1,
          reportConfigId 2

Now my question is - in measureobjectID there is a carrier frequency of 2250 which UE has to measure , now is this carrier frequency is of the serving cell or the neighbor if we consider that UE is reporting measID=2 because as per the A5 event which is the reportconfigID=2 UE has to report both the primary and neighbor...

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