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Does LTE operator need to MCC and MNC if it provides only DATA?

0 votes
Does LTE operator need to MCC and MNC if it provides only DATA?
posted Jul 4, 2014 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+1 vote

In 3GPP technologies i.e. GSM LTE operators required MCC and MNC, but WiMax there is no need for MCC and MNC, mostly PLMN is used, but when this operator went for LTE TDD there was need to get MCC and MNC from Telecom regulatory authority.

answer Jul 4, 2014 by anonymous
I could not understand the statement "WiMax there is no need for MCC and MNC, mostly PLMN is used". As per my knowledge, PLMN consists of MCC and MNC.
Yes Rupam, PLMN = MCC (3 digits) + MNC (2or3 digits)
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Is it possible that MCC MNC gets changed in the same Diameter session without changing session ID while in Roaming???
As I have come to across an unsupported scenario when some users are roaming in Iceland operator MCC MNC and suddenly switch to different operator MCC MNC which belongs to the USA within the same DCCA session i.e without closing the PDP context and opening a new one (that should not be possible, unsupported scenario). Is it possible??? I'm confused here.

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When a UE is doing IMS registration, it will bring p-access-network-info header in the register message. There's MCC MNC value within this header, my question is :

How will UE use MCC MNC values? depends on the MCC MNC broadcast from eNB or using IMSI in the UE?

Is there any document describing this?

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How to config Nokia FL15 VoLTE/IMS when changing MCC-MNC?
If providing step by step, it's perfect, We want to simulate some operator PLMN domain?.

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Hi all

Because combined S-GW/P-GW is one node, so do we still need to implement the connection between them?
Is it necessary for core network to implement GTP-based or PMIP based S5/S8 interface if it is combined S-GW/P-GW?

Is there any 3GPP spec mention about combined S-GW/P-GW? what is the cons and reasons to do this?


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