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What is Extended QCI in context of LTE-QoS?

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What is Extended QCI in context of LTE-QoS?
posted Jun 30, 2014 by Tapesh Kulkarni

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1 Answer

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Standard QCI is used for service differentiation. Extended QCI can be used to differentiate service associated with different priorities.

MME send extended QCI index in RAB assignment message. eNodeB can configure extended QCI and can assign radio resource differently according to the different QCI number and different scheduling weight factor.

Extended QCI may be used as operator defined QCI for differentiating service by user type. As an example an operator may have user categories viz. platinum, gold, silver, bronze etc. Operator may define separate Extended QCIs for voice service corresponding to different user categories as below:

-Platinum Voice
-Gold Voice
-Silver Voice
-Bronze Voice

Thus operator can create service differentiation by allocating Extended QCIs by user category.

answer Jun 30, 2014 by Cellularsme .
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For practical network installations, an eNodeB would be connected to SGW via some IP router. Similarly there can be IP router connection between SGW and PGW.

How is End-to-End QoS maintained between these routers?

Because as I see in specs, the QCI value is transmitted in GTP-C signalling messages between S5/S8, S11 interface: based on that QCI & other QoS parameters, the bearers are defined & GTP-U tunnels are made.

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I am wandering to check if QoS has really been implemented in LTE commercial networks. If yes,

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As I know, in EPC the e2e qos is managed in HLR/HSS and PCRF. Can someone explain the process and the reference. Thx