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How end to end QoS in managed in LTE?

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As I know, in EPC the e2e qos is managed in HLR/HSS and PCRF. Can someone explain the process and the reference. Thx

posted May 11, 2017 by Hana Pamora

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1 Answer

0 votes

In IP network there are various services which needs different treatment at network nodes and when their packets travel through different network nodes such as routers. LTE is also IP based telecom network and devices attached to it access different kinds of services.
LTE network takes IP packets from UE and network and provides the required QoS through its network using different protocols, mechanism in its network.
If I take example of downlink packet in the direction from network to UE, LTE receives plain IP packets but based on its filters against the received IP packets it decides which bearer should be used to carry this packet. This is the entry point for downlink direction.
Once packet sent over a particular bearer based on required QoS (delay budget , packet losss rate) , it is considered for corresponding scheduling at the MAC scheduler.

answer May 12, 2017 by Vikram Singh
But I still curious about e2e qos from the bearer prespective.
As my understanding, QoS parameter in bearer (QCI, ARP and MBR) will follow PCRF setting, but if there's no setting in PCRF then it will follow HLR/HSS setting.
Please cmiiw
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+1 vote

For practical network installations, an eNodeB would be connected to SGW via some IP router. Similarly there can be IP router connection between SGW and PGW.

How is End-to-End QoS maintained between these routers?

Because as I see in specs, the QCI value is transmitted in GTP-C signalling messages between S5/S8, S11 interface: based on that QCI & other QoS parameters, the bearers are defined & GTP-U tunnels are made.

But, for in-between routers, how is QoS guaranteed?

+1 vote

Hello all,

Can anybody suggests how we can set maximum bitrates for parameters like MBR, GBR (UL,DL), APN-AMBR(UL/DL), UE-AMBR(UL/DL) for GBR and Non GBR bearer.?

Are those values standard from PCRFor does it define dynamically based on user subscription.?
Please suggest some sources to choose the exact the bitrates for QoS parameters mentioned above.

Thanks in advance,

+3 votes

I was trying to understand and implement basic version of 29.213 Section 6.3 QoS parameter mapping Functions at PCRF especially for non GBR bearers.

Non GBR bearers have QCI, ARP, APN-AMBR and UE-AMBR. And also MBR associated with each bearer in the PGW..So when a new bearer is added, the UE and Ennode-b dynamically take care that total rate of all bearers doesnot exceed APN-AMBR (for each APN) and UE-AMBR for all Non GBR bearers in UE..

So not sure PCRF can alter any params related to BW in case of non GBR.. This is my understanding..If you have any comments will be very helpful.

+2 votes

I have a question concerning QoS management in LTE: there are two parameters for an EPC bearer: QCI (QoS class identifier that resumes a set of parameters(priority, packet delay, packet error rate…) and ARP (Allocation and retention priority) that defines the priority of a bearer. My question is : what is the difference between the QCI priority and the ARP priority ?

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