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Is QoS has really been implemented in LTE commercial networks?

0 votes

I am wandering to check if QoS has really been implemented in LTE commercial networks. If yes,

i) Is this limited to VoLTE, or are there other application specific scenarios as well?
ii) Are operators already using extended QCIs in commercial networks?

Commercial deployment and application references will be highly appreciated?

posted Jun 29, 2014 by Cellularsme .

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I was in the impression that QoS must has been implemented in the commercial network but could not find any reference and any mention of it so  can't say anything about it...

Check if the following document is useful

And wait for some more people to comment on it.
Short answer is not yet (AFAIK) however many of the operator are very close t implement QoS and not just limited to VoLTE but to various other applications specially QCI 3 & 4.
Dont know about Extended QCI may be will ask a question to get the clarity of this topic.

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How I can achieve the best QoS for VOLTE but at the same time I can guarantee the other data services not affected , and also how to improve the MOS value for VOLTE?

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For practical network installations, an eNodeB would be connected to SGW via some IP router. Similarly there can be IP router connection between SGW and PGW.

How is End-to-End QoS maintained between these routers?

Because as I see in specs, the QCI value is transmitted in GTP-C signalling messages between S5/S8, S11 interface: based on that QCI & other QoS parameters, the bearers are defined & GTP-U tunnels are made.

But, for in-between routers, how is QoS guaranteed?

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