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How to achieve the best QoS for VOLTE?

+5 votes

How I can achieve the best QoS for VOLTE but at the same time I can guarantee the other data services not affected , and also how to improve the MOS value for VOLTE?

posted Nov 22, 2013 by anonymous

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Your question is not very clear to me, however I can see this is not dependent on the 3GPP rather implementation.

1 Answer

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It depends upon lots of factors to achieve the best Quality of Service for Voice in LTE.

Quality of Service will be dependent on these factors i have mentioned below:

Network Metrics:

  • Bit rate, delay, jitter, packet loss rate (PLR)
  • Power consumption

Application Metrics

  • Call setup delay, Call setup success rate
  • Failed calls, dropped calls, retransmission
    - MOS (Mean Opinion Score)

Determining factors:

  • Network Characteristics (Lossy link, low bandwidth, heterogeneous network)
  • Application Characteristics (Real time, Non-real-time)
  • User mobility (cell mobility, subnet mobility)

Factors Affecting Mean Opinion Score:

MOS can simply be used to compare between VoIP services and providers. But more importantly, they are used to assess the work of codecs, which compress audio and video to save on bandwidth utilization but with a certain amount of drop in quality. MOS tests are then made for codecs in a certain environment.

There are however certain other factors that affect the quality of audio and video transferred, as mentioned in that article. These factors are not supposed to be accounted for in MOS values, so when determining the MOS for a certain codec, service or network, it is important that all the other factors are favorable to the maximum for a good quality, for MOS values are assumed to be obtained under ideal conditions.

answer May 6, 2014 by Hiteshwar Thakur
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In specification, I found two categories of QoS rules i.e., Signaled and Derived QoS rules. At a high level what I know that signaled QoS rules are the rules which are generated at core network and sent to UE as part of PDU SESSION ESTABLISHMENT. But I want to know what is derived QoS and where it is generated and used ?

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Do you know following standard value of QoS of VoLTE?


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