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Easy performance monitoring tools in Solaris?

+1 vote
Easy performance monitoring tools in Solaris?
posted Jun 16, 2014 by Kuldeep Apte

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1 Answer

0 votes

This command is used to know virtual memory statistics
$ vmstat n
n – Interval in seconds
$ vmstat –s {to know the system events since the last boot}
$ vmstat –S {to show the swapping statistics}
$ vmstat –i {to show the interrupts per device}

This command is used to display the statistics about disk input and output.
$ iostat 5
$ iostat –xtc { to show extended disk statistics}

This command is used to know the free space on the mounted disk.
$df –k {to show the disk space in kilobytes

answer Jun 17, 2014 by Parampreet Kaur
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The old machine is a Sun V240, running Solaris 9 and the New machine is an Oracle (Sun) T4 server running Solaris 10. Tomcat version is Tomcat 6.

Can we do this? will it run? It seems to be a Java based product and it stands to reason that if the JDK is the same it would be fine. I'm worried about any C code compiled for Solaris 9. Why should we NOT do this ?

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One of my teammate who runs Solaris 11.1 wants to modify file /etc/resolve.conf but modifying the file manually is not working since after a reboot the file is rewritten by some system process.

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