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List of Solaris commands for process management

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apptrace – for tracing library calls
dtrace – debugger, new in version 10
pargs – get list of arguments and environment variables with which process was started
pfiles – list of file descriptors, associated with process
pgrep – get the PID's of processes by name i.e. Something like ps -efl|grep -v grep|grep process_name
pkill – send signal to process. For example pkill -9 init :-P
pldd – list dynamic libraries, associated with process, similar to ldd for executable
plockstat – see list of locked by process files. Lock can be mutex i.e. exclusive and reader/writer for shared access
pmap – get memory map (segments) of process
preap – try to kick-off zombie process
prstat – fullscreen view of processes sorted by different criteria, similar to Linux top command
prun – continue hold with pstop process
ps - print process information and status. In Solaris exist SYSV and BSD variants, respectively /usr/bin/ps and /usr/ucb/ps
psig – list signals that can be handled by process
pstack – get backtrace stack of process for debugging purposes
pstop – temporary hold process
ptree - print the tree of processes
pwait – wait till process finish
pwdx – list working directory for process, like pwd command
truss – for tracing user/library/system calls and signals

posted Feb 12, 2014 by Amit Kumar Pandey

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