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Changing the contents of /etc/resolve.conf in Solaris?

+2 votes

One of my teammate who runs Solaris 11.1 wants to modify file /etc/resolve.conf but modifying the file manually is not working since after a reboot the file is rewritten by some system process.

The following has some suggestions as what should be done in cases like this

Unfortunately, the commands do not work! So could you please give three commands so my friend can modify /etc/resolv.conf? Note he is using dhcp... And I dont have physical accesss to a Solaris 11.1 machine...

posted Jan 9, 2014 by Dewang Chaudhary

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1 Answer

+2 votes

Did commands like these not work?

looks like he needs something like:

svccfg -s svc:/system/name-service/switch setprop config/host = "files dns"
svcadm refresh svc:/system/name-service/switch

Example: Configuring /etc/switch.conf Using SMF

In the following example, we use the name service switch mechanism to allow our system to search through the DNS, LDAP, NIS, or local file sources for naming information. We again use the svccfg command on the svc:/system/name-service/switch SMF service:

root@solaris:~# svccfg -s svc:/system/name-service/switch setprop
config/default = "files nis"
root@solaris:~# svccfg -s svc:/system/name-service/switch setprop
config/host = "files dns nis"
root@solaris:~# svccfg -s svc:/system/name-service/switch setprop
config/password = "files nis"
root@solaris:~# svcadm refresh svc:/system/name-service/switch
answer Jan 9, 2014 by Majula Joshi
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