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What happens when a UE gets Activate Dedicate EPS Bearer Context Request

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In Network Initiated Dedicated Bearer Addition, when Activate Dedicate EPS Bearer Context Request is sent,the test UE is sending Activate Dedicate EPS Bearer Context Reject with cause 45.

Can anyone please tell me what happens when a UE gets "Activate Dedicate EPS Bearer Context Request" . Will It check for the application associated with that TFT and qci. Please find the TFT I have used. Please correct the syntactical errors in it.

Traffic Flow Template
Length: 7
001. .... = TFT operation code: Create new TFT (1)
...0 .... = E bit: Parameters list is not included
.... 0001 = Number of packet filters: 1
Packet filter 0
00.. .... = Spare bit(s): 0
..10 .... = Packet filter direction: Uplink only (2)
.... 0000 = Packet filter identifier: 0
Packet evaluation precedence: 0x01 (1)
Packet filter length: 0x02 (2)
Packet filter component type identifier: Single remote port type (80)
Port: 4951 
posted May 20, 2014 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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The purpose of the dedicated EPS bearer context activation procedure is to establish an EPS bearer context with a specific QoS and TFT between the UE and the EPC. Dedicated EPS bearers are activated and deactivated depending on the service used. So it will check for the QCi and TFT.

The ACTIVATE DEDICATED EPS BEARER CONTEXT ACCEPT message is sent by the UE to the network to acknowledge the activation of a dedicated EPS bearer context associated with the same PDN address (es) and APN as an already active EPS bearer context.

  • Upon receipt of the ACTIVATE DEDICATED EPS BEARER CONTEXT REQUEST message, the UE shall stop timer T3396, if it is running for the APN associated with the PDN connection and check the received TFT before taking it into use.
  • The linked EPS Bearer Identity included in the ACTIVATE DEDICATED EPS BEARER CONTEXT REQUEST message indicates to the UE to which default bearer, IP address and PDN the dedicated bearer is linked.
  • The UE shall include EPS bearer identity and Procedure transaction identity IEs in the ACTIVATE DEDICATED EPS BEARER CONTEXT ACCEPT message.
  • The IE Protocol configuration options is included in the message when the UE wishes to transmit (protocol) data (e.g. configuration parameters, error codes or messages/events) to the network
  • Upon receipt of the Activate Dedicated EPS Bearer Context Accept message, the MME shall stop the timer T3485


Dedicated Bearer Accept

answer May 20, 2014 by Hiteshwar Thakur
Hi  Hiteshwar, Thanks for your response.

We are doing the network initiated dedicated bearer establishment. As you have said the successful scenario which i'll agree, but my question is in failure case.

So my question would be, If the port number specified in TFT was not used by any application (i.e,  No process bind to that port) then what will happen in UE side, does the UE will check any application is running with that port before sending the  "Activate Dedicate EPS Bearer Context  Accept"?
My Guess, checking of the port before sending the accept may vary from vendor to vendor I mean this is a application specific behavior.

But in general applications must be checking port validity before confirming, lets see if someone has more deeper understanding on this.
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