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Errors during Default EPS Bearer Context Activation procedures?

+1 vote

I'm seeing a lot of "PDN type IPv4 only allowed" and "PDN type IPv6 only allowed" errors during Default EPS Bearer Context Activation procedures.

Is this an actual error from a customer viewpoint and what could be the typical causes of it? Please help?

posted Sep 2, 2014 by anonymous

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Is EPS bearer ID and RAB ID common for all UE ? or RAB ID will be unique for default bearer ?
Please, explain

+2 votes


Pardon me, this is just a theoretical question. Not started my real testing yet. But so meantime trying to see I handle the basic possible scenarios.

In the CCR message of type (Initial Request), lets say PCRF receives both the "QOS" (containing APN AMBR UL and APN AMBR DL) and "Default Bearer QOS" AVP (containing QCI and ARP).
As of now, in my basic code, I return the QOS based on apn info received on "Called-station-ID" AVP. Will it be ok..Or is there any better suggestions on this ?


+2 votes

while going through the 3GPP 24.301 spec, there are a number of IEs mentioned optional. Can someone please provide some input about "EPS bearer context status" IE ?

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