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When will we activate PDP context ?

+1 vote

Either after attached with GPRS technology or after getting IP address from external networks ?

posted May 7, 2014 by Mridul

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1 Answer

+1 vote

If you talk about LTE we don't use this term PDP context.
EPS bearer is being use instead of PDP context. They are basically the same thing, but the EPS Bearer has been improved to support QoS better.
There is a Default EPS Bearer that is established during the attach procedure.
Additional Default bearers and Dedicated bearers could be established at later times.

answer May 8, 2014 by Hiteshwar Thakur
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In Network Initiated Dedicated Bearer Addition, when Activate Dedicate EPS Bearer Context Request is sent,the test UE is sending Activate Dedicate EPS Bearer Context Reject with cause 45.

Can anyone please tell me what happens when a UE gets "Activate Dedicate EPS Bearer Context Request" . Will It check for the application associated with that TFT and qci. Please find the TFT I have used. Please correct the syntactical errors in it.

Traffic Flow Template
Length: 7
001. .... = TFT operation code: Create new TFT (1)
...0 .... = E bit: Parameters list is not included
.... 0001 = Number of packet filters: 1
Packet filter 0
00.. .... = Spare bit(s): 0
..10 .... = Packet filter direction: Uplink only (2)
.... 0000 = Packet filter identifier: 0
Packet evaluation precedence: 0x01 (1)
Packet filter length: 0x02 (2)
Packet filter component type identifier: Single remote port type (80)
Port: 4951 
0 votes

After a handover from LTE to WCDMA I noticed that there is always "Activate PDP context request" message.
However, in documentation, I found multiple call flows without that message, but with "Update PDP context".
What causes these differences?

Thank you.