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DIAMETER: What is the method to generate a unique "session id" for a diameter session ?

+1 vote
DIAMETER: What is the method to generate a unique "session id" for a diameter session ?
posted Mar 30, 2014 by Vimal Kumar Mishra

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1 Answer

+1 vote

Session-Id AVP is made using following format:

and are decimal representations of the
high and low 32 bits of a monotonically increasing 64-bit value. The
64-bit value is rendered in two part to simplify formatting by 32-bit
processors. At startup, the high 32 bits of the 64-bit value MAY be
initialized to the time, and the low 32 bits MAY be initialized to
zero. This will for practical purposes eliminate the possibility of
overlapping Session-Ids after a reboot, assuming the reboot process
takes longer than a second. Alternatively, an implementation MAY
keep track of the increasing value in non-volatile memory.

is implementation specific but may include a modem's
device Id, a layer 2 address, timestamp, etc.

Example, in which there is no optional value:;1876543210;523

Example, in which there is an optional value:;1876543210;523;mobile@

The Session-Id is created by the Diameter application initiating the
session, which in most cases is done by the client. Note that a
Session-Id MAY be used for both the authorization and accounting
commands of a given application.

answer Mar 30, 2014 by Harshita
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Is it possible that MCC MNC gets changed in the same Diameter session without changing session ID while in Roaming???
As I have come to across an unsupported scenario when some users are roaming in Iceland operator MCC MNC and suddenly switch to different operator MCC MNC which belongs to the USA within the same DCCA session i.e without closing the PDP context and opening a new one (that should not be possible, unsupported scenario). Is it possible??? I'm confused here.

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I gone through the RFC4006 but didnt get the context of below paragraph

   Certain applications require multiple credit-control sub-sessions.
   These applications would send messages with a constant Session-Id
   AVP, but with a different CC-Sub-Session-Id AVP.  If several credit
   sub-sessions will be used, all sub-sessions MUST be closed separately
   before the main session is closed so that units per sub-session may
   be reported.  The absence of this AVP implies that no sub-sessions
   are in use.

But here my question is
1. What could be the types of Multiple credit-ontrol Sub-session?
2. How can we include different cc-sub-session-ID for each sub-session, please give me an example with message structure using CCR message.

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