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LTE: Difference between GTP v2 and GTP' v2 ?

+4 votes
LTE: Difference between GTP v2 and GTP' v2 ?
posted Jan 7, 2014 by Harshita

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1 Answer

+3 votes

GTPv2 will be used to carry control messages that is related for MME and SPGW where as GTP' or GTP prime will be used to communicate CHARGING GW

answer Jan 7, 2014 by sivanraj
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I recently come across advantages of SCTP over TCP and In telecommunication most of the real time interfaces require SCTP connection example eNB to MME.

But MME to SGW and SGW to PGW GTP-C is used as signaling protocol. Why SCTP not being used? What is the advantage of using GTP-C?

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LTE network uses GTP-U based interface between eNodeB and SGW to transport user data, Is 5G network going to similar GTP based user plane between NG-RAN and UPF ?

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