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GTP: Does GTP-C v2 support addition of vendor specific messages ? [CLOSED]

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GTP: Does GTP-C v2 support addition of vendor specific messages ? [CLOSED]
closed with the note: The answer has been given in comment.
posted Feb 3, 2014 by Vimal Kumar Mishra

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Up to my knowledge we can not send vendor specific messages in GTPC-v2. The reason is two.

1st: GTPC has message type field in header format and it is 8-bit field. Which means we can indicate 0-255 decimal digit maximum inside that. If we see the specification TS 29.274 all the message type is for some purpose. The unused numbers has for future purpose and reserved by 3GPP.

2nd: There is no field to segregate the vendor specific messages and interface messages.For every interface it has different messages and that is the only identification.

One privilege to send the information from vendor point is PRIVATE EXTENSION (IE). We can send the vendor information through this Information Element. It is an optional IE, So we can add it in to any message to send the info.

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