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5G: Is 5G network going to use GTP based user plane between NG-RAN and UPF or something else ?

+3 votes

LTE network uses GTP-U based interface between eNodeB and SGW to transport user data, Is 5G network going to similar GTP based user plane between NG-RAN and UPF ?

posted Feb 27, 2018 by Harshita

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1 Answer

+1 vote

As per NG-AP specification for interface (N2), it seems that 5G network is going to use GTP-U based transport mechanism. If you go through the definition of messages related to PDU session establishment, transport layer is of type GTP tunnel (transport layer address + GTP-TEID).

answer Feb 28, 2018 by Vikram Singh
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While going through specifications, I came to know about various services offered by UPF. I want to know how vendors are going implement UPF for the next generation core network ? UPF has few interfaces towards other nodes such as Session Management Function (SMF), 5G RAN and external world.

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Implementation of user plane processing at the user space of node is time consuming and cpu intensive. Is there any library/solution available through which GTP encapsulation/de-capsulation can be done at kernel level to reduce delay ?

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I heard a new term CUPS and did some googling and came to know about this term. CUPS stands for control and user plane segregation. In LTE network, control and user planes both are used as a single node. In LTE network, SGW does buffering of any incoming data for and SGW node was doing buffering when UE in RRC-IDLE mode. I can understand control part would be same as GTP-C but how user plane of 5G network would be implemented ? Does the 3GGP standard talk about implementation of user plane ? Would it be GTP based or something else ?

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I just know CUPS stands for control and user plane separation but what is the advantage of it ? Has any network operator ever deployed CUPS solution in their network ?

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