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Query on SCCP calling party digits

+2 votes

I am sending a CAP IDP message with GT configurations set.

On my SCCP layer I can see the following

Called Party details

Called Party Digits: **********
Called or Calling GT Digits: **********
Number of Called Party Digits: 12
Country Code: 91 India (Republic of) (length 2)

Calling Party details

Calling Party Digits: (spare)5(spare)(spare)965712(spare)0
Called or Calling GT Digits: (spare)5(spare)(spare)965712(spare)0
Number of Calling Party Digits: 36
Country Code: d5d Unknown (length 0)

Can anyone tel me why my calling party digits shown like this - (spare)(spare) ??
Wire shark version - 1.10.3

posted Dec 21, 2013 by Nithin Kp

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Are you running ANSI or ITU sccp? Also paste the raw packet where the problem is seen ie cld and clg party section.
yeah  it is  ITU
Sir, Salil has asked for the raw packet snapshots of the problem area (one thing you can check if wireshark MTP3 is set on ITU).
@Nitin: Its very dificult to say about what is happening, check the section of the Q.713 (try to download from )
Hi Luv  Kumar, I have checked  and it is ITU.
Can you share the raw packet only the clg and cld party section else decode as Q.713 as I have already provided the link.

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I see a high number of SCCP CREFs(Connection Refusal) in the logs. None of the calls are successful as observed from PM Counter statistics. The application has refused with the cause 7.From ITU-T Q.713 it indicates 00000111 network resource QoS unavailable/transient.

SCCP stack has logged unsolicited status indication with the event "Connection request failure" and cause "connection threshold exceeded".

Please let me know,

1.) What does this "connection threshold exceeded" indicate? Is this the SCCP connections ? Is it configurable ?
2.) What does "network resource" QoS unavailable/transient mean" ? Can "connection threshold exceeded" be the cause behind "network resource QoS unavailable/transient".

Please give me your valuable inputs on how to debug this further. Whether congestion can be the reason?

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Assume you have the conditions (one AS, etc.) to allow RC to be optional, does the RFC permit one side (IPSP SE mode for example) to still send an RC and the other to not include an RC? I think the answer is yes, but I can't find an explicit reference permitting it.

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We are trying to connect open MGW to an AOIP BSC. Both belongs to different vendors. Fluctuation of M3Ua SUA observed at BSC end post Connectivity.

As per MGW vendor BSC is not supposed to send SUA management messages to MGW( DAUD) which is causing MGW to send DUNA to BSC which is causing fluctuations @ BSc end for mgw cluster SPC.

Please be informed, there is no fluctuation @ association level. Kindly suggest and share the actual guidelines.
What should happen as per RFC.

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What is the reason behind not having the controlled re-routing in M3UA/SIGTRAN? Is it so that we don't need such procedures in IP world?

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This is regarding M3UA SSNM messages.
1. Take an ASP with 2 SCTP link sets with each link set having 2 associations, connecting to two different SGs.

| - - - - -> Link Set 1 (2 Associations) - - - - -> SG 1 - - - - - >|ASP | | HLR-1| - - - - -> Link Set 2 (2 Associations) - - - - -> SG 2 - - - - - >|

If all connections between SG-1 and the HLR-1 break, the ASP would be notified with a DUNA.My question is through which SCTP connection between the ASP and SG-1, the DUNA would be sent in a proper SG implementation?Would it be sent to both connections or to a randomly selected one ?