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In LTE network, how the PGW resolve the Subscriber location for charging

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Which parameter is used by the PGW to resolve the subscriber location?
Does it consider the "User Location Information" IE or the source-IP address?

posted Nov 18, 2021 by Michael Semama

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When we talk about CDR (charging data record) in LTE or any other technology, following questions come in my mind.
- Is CDR generated per UE ? or Is per session per UE or generated for group of UEs ?
- What information is captured in CDR ? Does 3GPP define any standard format and IEs that need to be captured or is it completely operator dependent ?

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While going through 29.274 specification, I observed "Bearer TFT" is optional in Create Session Request/Response messages while it's presence is mandatory in Create Bearer Request message. Reasons are not explained in the specification. Can someone please explain it ?