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LTE: Does the default bearer hold TFT and SDF or only the dedicated bearers hold ?

+4 votes
LTE: Does the default bearer hold TFT and SDF or only the dedicated bearers hold ?
posted Jan 11, 2017 by Harshita

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1 Answer

+1 vote

In TS 23.401 mention that
"Every dedicated EPS bearer is associated with a TFT. A TFT may be also assigned to the default EPS bearer."

and in TS 24.301 mention that
"The default EPS bearer context does not have any TFT assigned during the activation procedure(when default EPS bearer has been established). This corresponds to using a match-all packet filter. The network may at anytime after the establishment of this bearer assign a TFT to the default EPS bearer and may subsequently modify the TFT or the packet filters of this default bearer."

answer Jan 16, 2017 by Jim Tan
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I am bit confused on the packet filters used by network .

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While going through 29.274 specification, I observed "Bearer TFT" is optional in Create Session Request/Response messages while it's presence is mandatory in Create Bearer Request message. Reasons are not explained in the specification. Can someone please explain it ?

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Question 1.
In case 3 different bearers ( 1 Default + 1 dedicated for Youtube + 1 dedicated for Skype ) are established and after some time the Youtube Policy is removed from GGSN then will the established bearer will be terminated?

Question 2.
Suppose there is a requirement of giving the same QOS to set of application ( Youtube and Whatsapp ) then will there be only one dedicated bearer for both application or two dedicated bearers will be established?

If one bearer is established for both the application then what if the user stops using one of the applications or the policy is removed from GGSN for one application, will the dedicated bearer be terminated?

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