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What if eNB sends grants on SPS RNTI after UE sends MAC CRNTI CE in MSG3?

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Suppose UE intitiates an Rach for TA failure or No SR resource, UE sends an MAC CRNTI CE in msg3 and expects old RNTI allocation for Contention resolution success. But what if eNB gives SPS RNTI Ul allocation after MSG3 , will UE resolves the contention resolution after this?

posted Aug 14 by Jaganathan

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1 Answer

0 votes

Hi Jaganathan,

As per my understanding, UE will be expecting an UL Grant if it sends an MAC CRNTI CE in msg3. so UE listens on CRNTI which is used in MSG3. But if eNB sends grant in SPS RNTI then UE will not listen in this RNTI.

answer Sep 17 by Bharat Kumar
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