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Scenarios to validate the C-DRX at eNB?

+1 vote

How to validate the functionality of C-DRX at eNB side?

posted Mar 3 by Himani

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Consider if eNB is sending DRX cycles to your UE and therefore you will be not listening to PDCCH. Now if MME sends paging messages of that UE, then how UE will be able to receive the paging message? After DRX cycles UE can start listening but MME might have stopped sending paging messages. How this is handled in LTE???

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Suppose DRX inactivity timer is expired and Retransmit timer is running, is it possible to retransmit the DTX data ?

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suppose UE is in DRX mode and went to sleep. If UE sends any data to ENB, Will the ENB receives this data or just ignore as it is in idle state?

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If DRX is ongoing we cannot send SPS modification or release, so how do we configure DRX such that it will not affect SPS?

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