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How UE can listen to the paging messages at the time of DRX cycles?

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Consider if eNB is sending DRX cycles to your UE and therefore you will be not listening to PDCCH. Now if MME sends paging messages of that UE, then how UE will be able to receive the paging message? After DRX cycles UE can start listening but MME might have stopped sending paging messages. How this is handled in LTE???

posted Oct 3, 2016 by Sneha Maganahalli

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1 Answer

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There are two kind of DRX.. Idle mode DRX and connected mode DRX.

In IDLE mode DRX There will be paging occasions(means subframes) and paging SF(system frames). So ENB adn UE knows the occasion and SF. When ever paging message comes from MME , ENb will schedule paging message only in those occasion, so UE will wake up on those occasion and checks for the paging message, if paging comes then it will decode and comes to connected state.

In connected mode DRX, UE will not monitor PDCCH for only following RNIT's (C-RNTI, TPC-PUCCH-RNTI, TPC-PUSCH-RNTI), remaining all RNTI UE will monitor PDCCH even in DRX mode. i.e P-RNTI UE will monitor continously so when ever paging comes UE will decode it. Yes in connected mode there will be less power savings because UE will monitor P-RNTI and SI-RNTI.

Hope u understood...

answer Oct 3, 2016 by Jaganathan
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