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In which scenarios UE will use UE Specific DRX?

+3 votes
In which scenarios UE will use UE Specific DRX?
posted May 9, 2016 by Mallikharjuna Reddy

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1 Answer

+2 votes

Hi mallikarjun,

UE can use UE specific DRX in RRC_IDLE mode and RRC_CONNECTED, If Higher layer configures. But most of the Network wont configure this because Cell specific DRX is enough in RRC_IDLE . But If UE includes UE specific DRX IE in TA update message(refer 3GPP TS 24.008 [13]) or in attach request means MME can over-write the current DRX parameters with UE specific DRX and will send the configuration to the ENb. I don't know exactly when UE will include that IE may be if cell specific DRX is longer means UE can select this option, Even MME itself can configure UE specific DRX in RRC_IDLE mode for S1-AP paging. Some LTE UE device is like health care etc. These app wont use network frequently and network knows exactly when those device will receive data so MME can configure UE specific DRX for these devices instead of cell specific DRX. :) :)

Happy Learning :)

answer May 13, 2016 by Jaganathan
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How to validate the functionality of C-DRX at eNB side?

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During my study about the measurement and ANR, I have the question. Please help to let me get the proper answer.
[ Condition]
1. UE is in the connected state.
2. UE measures one PCI and reports it to eNB but it does not belong to NRT(Neighbor Relation Table) in eNB.
3. eNB sends rrcConnectionReconfigurationMessage to read CGI for that PCI.
4. UE should read MIB/SIB1 to report CGI info to eNB.

In Step 4), In some materials on the web, UE should use IDLE periods to get SIB1, which is configured as DRX config in rrcConectionReconfigurationMesage. Because Measurement Gap is too short to read MIB/SIB1 and it's only for the measurement purpose.

When UE is in the Connected State, How UE could use DRX configuration which is intended to use in IDLE state?

As my basic understanding, DRX configuration is to improve the battery life in idle mode.

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