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How does ue treat SR MAX RETX.

0 votes

How does ue treat SR MAX RETX ?
I know specification part.
What I want to know what is difference between tat expiry sr max retx case.

posted Jul 11 by Sudhanshu Kumar Srivastav

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1 Answer

0 votes

There are 2 ways for asking resources from eNB:
2. SR

If there are no PUCCH resources, then UE can go for RACH, but if PUCCH resources are being configured in UE, then UE go for scheduling request.SR request can only be sent if UE is uplink time aligned means "TimeAlignmentTimer" is running.
If there is UL data but TimeAlignmentTimer has been expired then UE make use of RACH procedure.

SR Max Trans: this value is sent by eNB to UE, everytime UE attempts for SR, and it increments SR_COUNTER by 1, and check if the value is more than SR_TRANS_MAX , it indicate RRC to release PUCCH resources and initiate RACH.

answer Jul 11 by Sushant Bose
Which punch resources will be  released
This is a stand-alone uplink physical channel. This PUCCH control signaling channel,this channel is being used for following things:
•  CQI-channel quality indicators
•  scheduling requests for uplink transmission
•  BPSK or QPSK used for PUCCH modulation etc... etc...
so above resources will be cleared off.
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