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Fungi,algae,and ferns reproduce by producing which grow into new plants.

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Fungi,algae,and ferns reproduce by producing which grow into new plants.
posted Feb 22, 2019 by Bishnu Roy

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I am trying to compile a simple c/c++ code using g++. The binary carried more information(symbols). Then I used the option -O3 to get a more optimized code but still there seems to be some information(symbols) not mandatory for the binary execution. I need to use 'strip' command to remove those information.

I felt there must be some gcc/g++ option to get this stripping as part of compilation & linking itself. Can anyone help me with this?

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i have a web server running on fedora. This web server is only for applicatons testing purposes.
when i installed apache 2.4 it automatically create a group and an user apache.

All files/folder that are under /publi_html should have apache as user/group permissions.

This webserver runs in virtual machine and has its own IP address. now i need to reach this webserver from a windows workstation and edit/add/delete files and folders from the public_html directory.
i can not use my default user account as this account can just read files but can't edit/delete or add files/folder as standard permissions are 644 for files and 705 for folders.

i was thinking to perfom all actions (delte/move/edit...) in this public_html directory under apache account, but as apache account was installed automatically i do not have the password.

So what is the default password for apache user account ?

I guess there is better solution as on webhosting servers, you do not have apache user account, but a different one. so please, could you tell me how webhosting companies manage that (in order to reproduce a very similar way at home) ?

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Is there any requirement of a configuration (IP Route, IP Path, etc) at eNodeB level for a new UGW (SGW+ PGW + GGSN) addition into existing LTE network?? The network is Huawei.....and if an IP path needs to be defined at eNodeB for this purpose then how it can be defined??

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We have mongodb cluster with 3 instances. After increase of amount of writes there, WiredTigerLAS.wt become 20Gbs size on all nodes in just few mins. It leaded to out space issue and of course downtime. This is strange, because usually this file have size less then 1,5 GB.
I tried to find in a documentation how to control its size, but no luck. Can you suggest how to limit its size and maybe you know what can cause this situation.

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