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For a new UGW into the network.....Is there any IP configuration required at eNodeB level??

0 votes

Is there any requirement of a configuration (IP Route, IP Path, etc) at eNodeB level for a new UGW (SGW+ PGW + GGSN) addition into existing LTE network?? The network is Huawei.....and if an IP path needs to be defined at eNodeB for this purpose then how it can be defined??

posted Nov 25, 2016 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

With respect to LTE network architecture, eNodeB does not need any IP configuration of SGW. However eNodeB and SGW should be reachable to each other (verify ping is working or not). Data flows between eNodeB and SGW in the form of GTP-U forms. MME is the mediator between these two nodes and exchanges tunnel Ids between them. Underlying transport protocol is UDP and standard port is 2152. Just make sure port is not blocked.

answer Nov 25, 2016 by Vikram Singh
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