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reproduce similar webserver as webhosting companies

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i have a web server running on fedora. This web server is only for applicatons testing purposes.
when i installed apache 2.4 it automatically create a group and an user apache.

All files/folder that are under /publi_html should have apache as user/group permissions.

This webserver runs in virtual machine and has its own IP address. now i need to reach this webserver from a windows workstation and edit/add/delete files and folders from the public_html directory.
i can not use my default user account as this account can just read files but can't edit/delete or add files/folder as standard permissions are 644 for files and 705 for folders.

i was thinking to perfom all actions (delte/move/edit...) in this public_html directory under apache account, but as apache account was installed automatically i do not have the password.

So what is the default password for apache user account ?

I guess there is better solution as on webhosting servers, you do not have apache user account, but a different one. so please, could you tell me how webhosting companies manage that (in order to reproduce a very similar way at home) ?

posted Jun 13, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+1 vote

you must not login with a *service* account add your user to the apache group and give the files permission which allows the group apache read/write

answer Jun 14, 2013 by anonymous
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