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Mapping 5g data bearer to default and dedicated bearers in LTE

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In LTE the default bearer for the selected APN will always be there, even when the UE goes to idle.
Whatabout 5g ? Which DRB is mapped to default bearer ? I mean which DRB (mapped to which QOS flow and which PDU session)will be acting like default bearer in LTE.

Sorry I haven't digged into all the specs yet. But thought will be get some nice hints here before I try to do that

posted Sep 3, 2018 by Pdk

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Question 1.
In case 3 different bearers ( 1 Default + 1 dedicated for Youtube + 1 dedicated for Skype ) are established and after some time the Youtube Policy is removed from GGSN then will the established bearer will be terminated?

Question 2.
Suppose there is a requirement of giving the same QOS to set of application ( Youtube and Whatsapp ) then will there be only one dedicated bearer for both application or two dedicated bearers will be established?

If one bearer is established for both the application then what if the user stops using one of the applications or the policy is removed from GGSN for one application, will the dedicated bearer be terminated?

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In LTE, when UE is first time attached to a network, it is usually allocated a default non-GBR bearer. Can this bearer be converted to a GBR bearer, without releasing the UE context at eNodeB?

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