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Why ROHC is not supported in split bearer in 5G?

+2 votes
Why ROHC is not supported in split bearer in 5G?
posted Jul 31, 2017 by Jaganathan

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In LTE we use headers in one side and followed by data PDU,but why there is a change in 5G . like after every single header there is a PDU and so on?

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In LTE the default bearer for the selected APN will always be there, even when the UE goes to idle.
Whatabout 5g ? Which DRB is mapped to default bearer ? I mean which DRB (mapped to which QOS flow and which PDU session)will be acting like default bearer in LTE.

Sorry I haven't digged into all the specs yet. But thought will be get some nice hints here before I try to do that

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