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How to revert the code back from particular revision in SVN?

0 votes
How to revert the code back from particular revision in SVN?
posted Aug 30, 2018 by anonymous

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We want to Migrate code and revision history repository from Mercurial to subversion, Can you please provide the scripts/tools if there are any for doing this activity?

Can you please guide me for completing this activity successfully.

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We are using Visual SVN server in our company. It worked well, but users unable to create particular branch from trunk folder

I have put svnadmin verify to check repository and found error as below

  • Verified revision 508448.
  • Verified revision 508449.
  • Verified revision 508450.
  • Verified revision 508451.

svnadmin: E160004: Mergeinfo-count discrepancy on a-1.0.r508452/9674: expected 1244741480414057964+0, counted 116

Could you please tell me what to do

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Can anyone give me what is useful and when we actually use?

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Checking out a copied directory at a revision prior to the copy results in a checkout of the data before the copy. I would expect this to fail in the same way that attempting to update to an invalid revision fails.

Is this the intended behaviour? If so, shouldn't there be some message that your working copy is using a different location than requested?

 > svn copy trunk mybranch -m 'copy test'
Committed revision 2

 > svn co mybranch -r1 mybranch

 > svn info mybranch
Relative URL: ^trunk

Checking out the branch at a valid revision then attempting to update to the earlier revision results in an error:

 svn: E160005: Target path 'mybranch' does not exist

(I was attempting to checkout the revision given by 'Last Changed Rev' from 'svn info' on a child of a copied directory - it points at a revision before the copy, but that's a different discussion)

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Are there side effects from applying the same svn merge --record-only on the same revision number and a new commit each time it is applied ?

Would there be issues with SVN mergeinfo and/or SVN in general if one keeps applying svn merge --record-only on a revision number repeatedly and commit in a svn merge --record-only followed by commit followed by svn merge --record-only followed by commit and the next cycle begins ? Its not an infinite loop svn merge; it would stop at some point.