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How to migrate code and revision history repository from Mercurial to subversion?

+1 vote

We want to Migrate code and revision history repository from Mercurial to subversion, Can you please provide the scripts/tools if there are any for doing this activity?

Can you please guide me for completing this activity successfully.

posted Jun 12, 2015 by anonymous

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I'm trying to import our team's old subversion repository to git, but I'd like to retain the commit history. I tried 'git svn clone' but that only retrieves commits from the last copy onwards.

Because the svn setup is really bad, there is no way I can reproduce the "stdlayout" structure that 'git svn' likes, or any other structure where the trunk isn't a just few versions down from a copy.

Is there a way to have 'git svn' not do "--stop-on-copy" when fetching history? I'm perfectly fine with getting a simple linear history (because trying to do anything else with our svn setup will put our sanity in danger), but I couldn't find any documentation on how to do so.

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I have got a task of migrating code base from Mercurial to SVN.

I had tried 'hg convert" and it starts working upto few revisions. At one point, it fails with statement: "svn error: file doesn't exists". I didn't recall the error code but there was one.

What does it mean and how can it be resolved?