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SVN: users unable to create particular branch from trunk folder

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We are using Visual SVN server in our company. It worked well, but users unable to create particular branch from trunk folder

I have put svnadmin verify to check repository and found error as below

  • Verified revision 508448.
  • Verified revision 508449.
  • Verified revision 508450.
  • Verified revision 508451.

svnadmin: E160004: Mergeinfo-count discrepancy on a-1.0.r508452/9674: expected 1244741480414057964+0, counted 116

Could you please tell me what to do

posted Nov 22, 2016 by Dewang Chaudhary

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Create a new empty repository and use `svnadmin dump`  there is a chance that these issues are unrelated to each other. If you require assistance, please provide a comprehensive summary of the behavior including the complete errors your users report, what client software and versions they use and show the events logged to VisualSVN Server event log.

1 Answer

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This looks like issue #4129, check the repository

In short: it is a metadata corruption. The fix is to upgrade the server [see the first link for which release to upgrade to], and to run a dump/load cycle.
This is a metadata-only issue; files, properties, authz settings, etc are not affected.

answer Nov 22, 2016 by Tarun Singhal
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I have the following setup "trunk and branch A (created from trunk)"

Now, what I want to do is only commit my changes to the trunk and make sure that every committed change is replicated into branch A. This should be an automatic commit, triggered by the commit to trunk, while being aware of the fact that no other changes should be done in branch A but the autocommit from trunk.

Another "would-like" requirement is that the commit metadata like author and commit time/date are kept, but this is not a must have. Is that possible with svn, maybe with autocommit hooks? If not, what other way would you see to achieve that?

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We are frequently getting the below error when trying to downloading svn data from jenkins. Issue will get resolved when we restart jenkins slave node.
Any idea what is the root cause?

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Caused by: 
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... 36 more Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: hudson/remoting/RemoteClassLoader$RemoteIClassLoader  at   
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(  at  ... 37 more