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Restore Mongodb

0 votes

wish to restore mongodb from a snapshot backup taken using a third party solution, Netbackup. Could you assist to provide the step by step guide on how to go about this?

Currently, I have restored the backup taken to a file system level n a different host and have tried to modify the content of mongo.conf.

I have been trying to start the mongodb services but it is not coming up.

posted Jun 13 by anonymous

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+1 vote

I try copy datebase vk_market from remote host to vk_market_test on localhost over network:

# ssh user@host mongodump --archive --db=vk_market | mongorestore --archive --drop --db=vk_market_test

But target datebase vk_market_test do not created. Any pointer?

0 votes

We are saving File To mongodb using GridFs

Now I want to get back from server, mongodb is authentic for user

When I open mongo shell and type mongodump then it show auth error So please tell me how to pass username and password and get backup from server .

I tried

but no luck?

0 votes

I like to know is MongoDB eventual consistent if I have only 1 node no clustering a very simple and basic production environment.

Let me introduce about my use case before you guys answering the question. I am actually decide using MongoDB in a banking-like application which required storing users credit transfer transaction. Because the importance of credit transfer record, I want to ensure everytime transaction is done, means the record has been persisted into a permanent storage. Why I choose MongoDB over other is because the schema-less support which is very preferable for the application behavior.

Your advise and feedback is highly appreciated...

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I have an aggregation query given below which I need to pass in as a json string to java app to execute it. Is it possible to do that -


I tried using BasicDBObject.parse but it is returning me the unwinded or flattened results and the result is not segregating on the basis of match.

Is there any other way to do it.

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My collection is like this, but I want to update a nested object with {"env":"qa"} in my updated collection with java-driver:

{ "_id" : ObjectId("5b052eeff9290437b217b1ed"), "app" : "hike", "group" : [ { "env" : "prod" }, { "env" : "test" } ]}{ "_id" : ObjectId("5b052f36f9290437b217b1ee"), "app" : "viber", "group" : [ { "env" : "prod" }, { "env" : "test" } ]}

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