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Restore Mongodb

0 votes

wish to restore mongodb from a snapshot backup taken using a third party solution, Netbackup. Could you assist to provide the step by step guide on how to go about this?

Currently, I have restored the backup taken to a file system level n a different host and have tried to modify the content of mongo.conf.

I have been trying to start the mongodb services but it is not coming up.

posted Jun 13, 2018 by anonymous

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+1 vote

I try copy datebase vk_market from remote host to vk_market_test on localhost over network:

# ssh user@host mongodump --archive --db=vk_market | mongorestore --archive --drop --db=vk_market_test

But target datebase vk_market_test do not created. Any pointer?

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I generated some GridFs data on local MongoDB but I want to export these files only to production MongoDB.
I just have uploadtime field to query these files. Is there some option in Export to JSON by mongoexport both files and chunks after time stamp.

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I have a simple instance of MongoDB running with no replication or authentication.

The installation notes state: "For a production deployment, deploy MongoDB in a three member replica set and enable authentication."For just testing of Charts v0.9 is this a requirement?

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Im using to write a large rdd to mongodb on Azure.

However since the table is very large the error "Request rate is large" is returned and not all entries are inserted.

What possible workarounds are there?

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