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How to Export MongoDb GridFs Data(files and chunk also) after particular date?

+1 vote

I generated some GridFs data on local MongoDB but I want to export these files only to production MongoDB.
I just have uploadtime field to query these files. Is there some option in Export to JSON by mongoexport both files and chunks after time stamp.

posted Jul 23, 2018 by Ramakrishnan

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I need a tool for rapidly recreating the proper "schema" (such as it is) of MongoDB instances between environments that pre-creates the right DB names, collections, sets collection caps, and creates the indexes for each collection. I do NOT want to copy all of the data between the instances, though. Each env I manage has different data but the DB/collection/caps/indexes are all the same. Is there an easy way to do this, preferably a tool that exports a JSON doc of all the names, caps and indexes that can then be re-ported into a new instance?

Thanks in advance

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I copied underlying MongoDb files to remote server and wondering how I can reconnect copied files (or merger them) to existing mongodb instance on the remote server.

I plan to do this operation in the future, so I appreciate how to set up this unusual update in efficient way.

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We recently sharded a replica set and missed a process update which allowed that process to bypass the mongos and continue writing GridFS documents directly to the original replica set. The mongos seems to be aware of the fs.files document but cant find the fs.chunks related to that document. The fs.chunks can be found by going directly to the original mongod. Is there an easy way to tap mongos on the shoulder and say "hey, look over there"?

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