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Mongodb:Cosmos DB "Request rate is large"

0 votes

Im using to write a large rdd to mongodb on Azure.

However since the table is very large the error "Request rate is large" is returned and not all entries are inserted.

What possible workarounds are there?

posted Jul 10, 2018 by anonymous

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I want to list the size of the different database and trying the function:


But, my developer team is worried over that this might have a huge impact of the system. Should I be worried?

How does this function detect the statistic information such as the size of the different databases. Or is it a better way to detect the size of the database that I can use, which has little or no performance impact ..

+2 votes

From Mongodb client, we can use db.Collection.stats() to get status of collections, such as:

+ Number of records (count) 
+ Size on disk (storageSize) 
+ Indexes (indexSizes) 
+ Average object size (avgObjSize) 

Now I want to monitor these data from web backend with Mongodb java driver, please let me know how to get them?
I've referred: but it's not enough information for me. Any pointer?

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