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Fedora: KDE Appearance "Updates are Available"?

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I have been using Fedora since 2002....and at NO POINT have I ever installed anything even remotely related to KDE.

Fast forward to today, I get the usual notifications that "Updates Are Available"...through the Gnome notifications atop the screen midship....and I proceed to authorize them and install them. Now...Im one of those uptight people who like to "watch" things as they get installed...and I started seeing things like:kf5-kbookmarkskf5-kdedkemoticons....and a slew of other "K" related things.

Is this something to be expected from future updates?....and how do I get rid of these?

posted May 24, 2018 by anonymous

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Anything that has a kde dependency that you installed would have installed also the kde dependencies with it

1 Answer

0 votes

Check your installed programs. Some may have kde dependencies. Programs like k3b have several. This will pull the "k" installs you saw.

answer May 24, 2018 by Abhay Kulkarni
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