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All kernel released updates in fedora?

0 votes

Where are all the kernel updates released to-date, along with source rpms, archived for Fedora?

posted Sep 3, 2014 by Majula Joshi

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1 Answer

+1 vote

IIUC koji keeps any package built via it:

answer Sep 3, 2014 by Jai Prakash
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Why should one upgrade Fedora whenever a new version is released? What are the main reasons?

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I have enabled the rpmforge repo to get the flash-plugin because this seems to do what I want instead of the flash-plug that is in the supplemental repo. When the rpmforge pkg is install yum wants to update
it using the redhat repo. The version does not work as the sites I go to says it is too old. Yet the pkg from rpmforge works well.

How do I get yum to *not* want to upgrade this from the RH repo? I checked the yum and yum.conf man pages but I did not see exactly what I want to do there as an option.

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I have been using Fedora since 2002....and at NO POINT have I ever installed anything even remotely related to KDE.

Fast forward to today, I get the usual notifications that "Updates Are Available"...through the Gnome notifications atop the screen midship....and I proceed to authorize them and install them. Now...Im one of those uptight people who like to "watch" things as they get installed...and I started seeing things like:kf5-kbookmarkskf5-kdedkemoticons....and a slew of other "K" related things.

Is this something to be expected from future updates?....and how do I get rid of these?

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Each time I turn off Fedora 24, I get the following message about 50 times printed in the console:

Kernel not configured for semaphores (System V IPC). Not using udev synchronisation code.
device-mapper: remove ioctl on fedora_alpha-root failed: Device or resource busy Command failed

What does that mean?

+1 vote

I use fedora 23 with kernel 4.2.5 to run a win10 vm using qemu/kvm with vga passthrough (vfio).

I purchased a raid pci card, the problem is got is the compatibility for the driver stop at kernel 4.0.4. Is it possible to downgrade the kernel to install the driver?

If I do will I still be able to run my virtual machine without changing everything?