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How multiple Nb-Iot UE gets sync signal form ENB ?

+1 vote

I read END sends PSS in entire one RB for sync, is it common for all the UE to get sync in case of NB_IOT UE?

posted Mar 28, 2018 by Jaganathan

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1 Answer

0 votes

For NB-IOT UE's ENodeB will send NPSS and NSSS to sycn with the system. NB-IOT UE's will not use PSS and SSS for syncronization.

answer Mar 30, 2018 by Manohar
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NB-IOT device uses different Rb coding mechanism and different BW, Is it same ENB supports NB-IOT device and normal UE ?is same ENB supports how MAC and PHY layer works ,because MAC and PHY functionality is different for NB-IOT and normal UE

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