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How many NB-IOT UE does 20Mhz ENB supports ?

+2 votes

If NB-IOT UE supports one RB ,Then 20Mhz ENB will have 100 RB's ,what is the use of remaining 99 RB's or is it like each RB's is to different NB-IOT UE ?

posted Mar 29, 2018 by Jaganathan

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That is done through resource scheduling in MAC layer. eNB schedules the resources either through eDRX mechanism or through any algorithm...
This i understood, but my question is UE might have synced in single RB, will that particular UE uses only that particular RB (synced RN) or it can use any other RB  over the BW ?
Hello, as far as I know, one RB can be shared by multiple UE's. It can use multiple RB's because it happens if the UE is having reception of multiple eNB's signals. It needs to do the RACH mechanism every time while contesting for the RB.

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