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Default Mail Client on Window 7

+1 vote

When I try to post to a Yahoo Group that I belong to, I get the message "Could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed". This probably occurred when Yahoo changed the Groups appearance and protocols. Please help, I'm using Win 7 Pro.

posted Sep 22, 2013 by Bob Wise

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Are you attempting to interact with the group via a web interface or an email program?

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I am looking for a simple, easy to understand email client for Win 7, something that allows more than one email account, and has the feature needed to set up multiple message rules, across the multiple accounts.

Right now I have Outlook 2010 and I really, really dislike it. I have tried Thunderbird as well, but it just doesn't have the message rule capabilities I need.

Has anyone use Postbox Express by chance? If yes, can you let me know how it works? (not technical stuff, just for message rules and multiple accounts)

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Ubuntu 13.04 64 bit was not shown at boot time when installed with Window 7 64 bit but Ubuntu 13.04 32 bit has no problem. Is there any memory problem ?

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I have installed Ubuntu 13.04 with Window 7 but it is not appear in boot menu and window 7 is running as before installation of Ubuntu. I have installed Ubuntu using partition option.

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I need disable using of any mail command from my hosting, so I'm not sure if is sufficiently put "mail" to disable_functions in php.ini:

disable_functions = mail

I want force obligatorily use of smtp authentication, Is it enough disable "mail"? or do I need add other command to disable_functions?

i.e.: using joomla I see: phpmail and sendmail

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Question related to a internal company knowledge transfer site. Suppose there is a tag like PHP and I want to send mail to the PHP followers when a new question is posted in PHP tag?

Can i get any logic for it ?